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Visit to Montclar Castle - Individuals
Type: Castle guided tour
Location: Lleida Urgell - Montclar d'Urgell
Prices: from 6,5€
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The Urgell's guard.
Inhabited castle. Guided tours

The majestic Castle of Montclar dominates the village which has the same name in the region of Urgell.

The castle, edified over the remains  of an ancient roman tower, shows an elegant architecture of the Catalan Renaissance, of the XVI and XVII centuries, and has been restored recently.

The main  charm of the castle is to be found in the spaciousness of its rooms, in the big staircase that goes up to the noble floor...without forgetting  its exterior architecture very well kept up.

During the visit we will see:

The music chamber, the library, the dining room, the chamber of the lords, the wine cellar, the prison ... and a huge number of details which will attract our attention.


Historic Monument declared  of  N ational Interest , the Montclar castle was already documented in the 981 year.

Arnau Mir de Tost, the Cabrera, the Ribelles and the Ponts are among the first lords of Montclar. Later, the Despujol and finally the Miguel owned the castle. The castle is constructed with regular ashlar blocks while inside the castle the spaciousness of its rooms attracts our attention.

The wine cellar and the hall with armours are splendid. So are the central staircase, the library, the music chamber  and the terrace where we can find the water tank.

For curious visitors: the original window slits in the wall of the prison to keep an eye on the prisoners, and also on the exterior walls for the defence of the castle. The large dining room, the prison and the dungeon; the access in the church which enables to attend offices from the castle. 

Timetable - Particulars without any previous reservation:

Sundays: 11.00 h. 12.00 h. and 13.00 h.

Prices include the guided tour
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Visit to Montclar Castle - Individuals in Montclar d'Urgell ( Lleida Urgell )

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